Terms & Conditions

1. Age Requirement:

Driver have to be 23 years old for categories A, B, C, D, G and 25 years old for the remaining categories

2. Driver’s License:

Driver/s who are not citizens of EU or their Driver License is not written in Latin characters, the International Driving license is required along with their National Driving License. The driver is required to have and display a valid Driving License issued at least a year ago.

3. Additional Driver/s:

For every additional driver the cost is 5€ per day. The maximum additional drivers are 3.

4. Method of payment:

Cash or Credit Card. We accept VisaCard, MasterCars, MaestroCard, and American Express. Also, the credit card holder and the driver must be under the same person/name.

5. Gas Charges:

Gasoline consumed is payable by the renter.

6. After-hour cost:

Delivery and collection charges apply for hours 21:00p.m. till 08.00a.m. The surcharge is 50€.

7. Traffic Fines and Administrative Sanctions

Tickets and appended administrative sanctions resulting from any violation of the Greek Traffic Law during rental period, is solely the renter’s responsibility.

8. Delivery & Collection

Free of charge at Kanoulas Drive  headquarters in Corfu Old Port, International Corfu Airport, and Hotels that are 6 kilometers away from Corfu Old Port. Beyond the distance of 6 kilometers will be an extra charge. ​

9. Collection outside Corfu

With the car of Kanoulas Drive you can travel outside Corfu but within Greece. An advance written authorization is required along with an extra fee.

10. Over the Boarder Travel

Kanoulas Drive does not offer a one-way rental program between European countries. It is strictly forbidden to travel outside Greek borders with Kanoulas Drive vehicle.

11. GPS

Available after reservation and cost 5€ per day. Maximum charge 10 days.

12. Baby-seats/boosters

Available after reservation and cost 5€ per day. Maximum charge 10 days.

13. Insurances included

a) Third party liability
b) Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) with excess amount depending on car group
c) Theft (TP) and Fire (FP) Protection

14. Insurances not included and have an extra cost

a) Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)
b) Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) reduce the excess amount
c) Tire Insurance (TI)

15. No insurance for:

a) Loss or theft of personal belongings inside the car
b) Any damage caused to the vehicle while travelling by ferry or any other means of transportation
c) Damages that will be caused under the influence of alcohol and any other substances or any violation of Greek Traffic Law
d) When the driver is not written in the car rental agreement
e) Insurance does not cover damages underneath of the car, the cabin, loss damage of car keys, plate numbers.

16. Smoking & Animals

It is not allowed to smoking and animals inside the car cabin.

17. Insurance Policy

Read our Insurance Policy

18. Accident

a) In case of car accident, the renter has to contact immediately Kanoulas Drive and report the incident to the police. Also, the renter is recommended to write down the plate number and type of the other involved car as well as the name and telephone number of the driver.
b) The renter is fully responsible for any damage may occur to Kanoulas Drive car, in case that there is no report to the police or the car was driven by another driver who is not mentioned in the contract or any carelessness or any recklessness by the driver/renter.

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